This is Vattenresurs

 Good reults from our treatment of three coastal bays at Ingarö. Environmental science and technology, a mission from Baltic 2020


Look at the difference! Lake Långsjön, Nacka


We carry out the restoration and remediation of lakes and water courses also on the international arena. 

We have developed methods and techniques for restoration and remediation of lakes and watercourses. Vattenresurs has treated twelve lakes, also brackish water bodies by phosphorus precipitation.

We have also developed the Covermethod to cap polluted sediments. This method was used for the first time, during 2002-2003, in Lake Turingen in the municipality of Nykvarn south of Stockholm.

In Russian: Осаждение фосфора в озерах,  Метод покрытия (Cover)


Founders: Sten-Åke Carlsson (left), limnologist, Lars Eriksson (right), engineer.

Year 2002 we had the Swedish Association for Water's Water Price -The Kemira Award for our work in the field of Lake restoration.

We were finalists in the Swedish Environmental Innovation 2003 Award with our Covermethod.

We were awarded as Company of the year 2003 in the municipality of Upplands-Bro