Restoration and remediation

of lakes and water courses

Vattenresurs has built up many years of experience of the restoration and remediation of lakes and water courses. We have been active in the field since 1990 and have treated ten lakes with methods and techniques we have developed.

Precipitation of phosphorus

Some references: Lake Lejondal in Upplands-Bro, Lake Bagarsjön in Nacka, Lake Malmsjön, Lake Flaten and Lake Långsjön in Stockholm area are examples of the inactivation of phosphorus in hypolimnion and sediment surface. Result: Good recreational waters with low algal production and good sechi-depth.

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We have also testing the method for use in the Baltic Sea in two bays east of Stockholm in a misson from the Baltic Sea 2020 project. Result as good as in freshwaters.

The Covermethod for remediation of contaminated sediments

We form a cap of artificial sediment. The Cover method, which Vattenresurs invented and developed, has now been used in full scale in Lake Turingen in Nykvarn.

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In Russian: Осаждение фосфора в озерах,  Метод покрытия (Cover)