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EKOBENTIK – how the method works

EKOBENTIK is a tested and natural method that rapidly remediates lakes and coastal bays that suffer from nutrient overload and oxygen depletion, and restores them into healthy and clear waters for bathing and fishing.

This is how it works:

Aluminium occurs naturally in lake sediments, where it binds to phosphorus. Excessive phosphorus loads from external sources such as agriculture cause the depletion of aluminium minerals in lakes. The lakes become nutrient-rich and suffer from algal blooms.


By precipitating aluminium salts with precision into lake sediments, the natural mineral balance is restored and the vicious cycle is broken. The mineralized aluminium binds to the phosphorus and limits algal blooms. The result is a rapid and long-lasting restoration of the entire ecosystem.

Watch our film Restoration of Fertilized Lakes here.


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