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Mellby Gård – long-term commitment

Mellby Gård is a family-owned, long-term investor that endeavors to preserve the entrepreneurial spirit of the companies in its portfolio. The three cornerstones of the business model of the Mellby Gård Group (the Mellby model) are a long-term view, active corporate governance and partnership. The objective of the group is to take its companies from promising to leading. It is fundamental for Mellby Gård to gradually develop the full potential of its companies’ holdings.


In early 2022, Mellby Gård started the investment fund “Circular Water Initiative” together with their portfolio company Feralco. The aim of the fund is to invest in and contribute to more sustainable methods for water treatment, and in the long term provide clean water to a growing global population. Mellby Gård also funds a research initiative in Lake Ullnasjön to investigate whether the method used by Vattenresurs can be used to remediate shallow lakes.


The CEO of Mellby Gård, Johan Andersson, visits Vattenresurs AB


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