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The history of Vattenresurs

The Vattenresurs company was started in the early 1990s by two private entrepreneurs. The technology for restoring water quality in lakes was developed in Sweden as early as the 1960s and has been an established method for lake remediation in the United States since the 1970s.


The original method for lake remediation is however rather crude, as aluminium is spread from the lake surface into the entire water column. Consequently, Vattenresurs developed a refined method, EKOBENTIK, which precipitates aluminium salt into the sediment with great precision. The aluminium salt binds to the phosphorus in the sediment, with the smallest possible environmental impact on the biology of the water body. Vattenresurs was awarded the Swedish Water Society’s prize “Föreningen Vattens pris” in 2002, for our work on lake restoration.


In 2020, Vattenresurs was acquired by Feralco Nordic, which gave us the resources and opportunity to scale up operations. We can now support more municipalities in their work to comply with Swedish environmental legislation and achieve good ecological and chemical status in their water bodies by 2027, according to the EU Water Framework Directive.


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